How group behavior differs from crowd behavior

Good day to you all! Today we are going to talk about six important features of human behavior in a crowd. First, let’s define what is meant by the word “crowd. Let’s start with the basics, otherwise I’ll just miss the point:

Important definitions to understand

6 отличий группового поведения от поведения толпы

Man is a highly spiritual being who accepts the Codes of the Universe and lives by them. In the field of Roman, commercial law, he has rights and freedoms. He knows how to be responsible for himself, his family and his children. Man is a sentient being.

A citizen is a diminished status of man. Unable to bear responsibility on his own, so he shifts some of it to the so-called state. Has a limited number of rights and 100% of the responsibilities imposed by the state. Citizen is a legal status on paper that a person can manage.

A physical person is a completely diminished status of a citizen. An individual has no rights but only one obligation. He lives according to the laws of the management company, although he firmly believes that he lives according to the laws of the state and has some rights. From the position of international law, a physical person is not an animate being.

A nation is an association of groups of conscious, animate human beings whose goals, objectives and actions do not interfere with the life of all the beings inhabiting planet Earth, living according to the Laws of the Universe, the Laws of States and commercial, management companies.

I will insert this disclaimer right away: the article and the thoughts therein are written from a position of neutrality. To be closer to the truth, you have to turn off your own desires. I have no feelings of hatred, gratitude, anger or support for anything or anyone when I write. And so, here we go!

Implications from the definitions

If anyone has any doubt that these are the categories and statuses into which all thinking and speaking beings are divided, here’s the proof:

  1. Banks only work with businesses and individuals. They do not work with human beings.
  2. A passport issued by an RF management company does not give a person the status of a citizen.
  3. The Government of the Russian Federation does not exist, there was a management company of the Russian Federation, but now there is not even such a company. The USSR is a Government exists and I will give evidence of this fact in the documents and decrees of the RF.


банки и физлица

By presenting your passport, the so-called citizen of the Russian Federation to the bank, you can count on banking services. They will open an account for you, make a credit or debit card on application. However, it is worth understanding that if the bank has agreed to such cooperation, it is clearly aware that a natural person is not a citizen.

The bottom line is that every citizen’s right is the confidentiality of information and the safety of funds. However, in the case of any court decision or judgment, the rights of a citizen do not apply to any natural person.

That is why any bank in which an individual has an account for funds, they will be written off if the bank receives a collection order from bailiffs. No bank can take such actions against a citizen. According to the law.

And according to the same law all the confidential information about an individual can be transferred and disclosed to any commercial entity which will make such a request. (Otherwise where will the collectors get all your information?) Are you starting to get the point of everything written or not?

Russian passport

In one of my articles I wrote about the consequences of filling in point 18 of form 1-P of the application for RF passport. I will have to remind you again about this form:

форма на выдачу паспорта 1-П

And here is the instruction for deciphering clause 18 of the application form 1-P:

пункт оферты РФ о недееспособности

Thus it turns out that 99% of the population who received passports of the Russian Federation, who filled out Form 1-P and Item 18 before that, recognized themselves on a voluntary basis as incapacitated people who need a guardian. The RF acts as a guardian. It is the RF that is the owner of the passport, not the person who has it.

It is the RF that owns all of the property that the individual buys with the money he or she earns. This is why a legal procedure called notarization is required. And that is why all individuals called RF citizens are completely incompetent.

How’s this for a thing like this? From this follows the first difference between the group behavior of people and the behavior of the crowd:

Feature №1.

A crowd is an organized mass of individuals having a leader and worshipping him wholeheartedly. Nothing has changed since the times of Rome when the crowd demanded bread and circuses.

A group is an organization of people who have common tasks and goals. The group acts according to a common agreed plan of action. The group has no leader and is not subordinate to any one person, and the results are always in the interests of all group members.

групповое поведение, отличное от толпы

The difference is very tangible and huge. Everyone has seen crime films. Well, for example the movie “On the Game”, do you remember how the film begins? A group of people sit around a round table and discuss joint action. Why?

So that the interests of all members of the group are heard and do not harm everyone individually. What about in a crowd? The crowd is controlled by a single leader and by its actions, not consciously, aims to achieve the leader’s results.

Feature №2 Symbols, meanings, images

The crowd has no symbols, acts without meanings, and does not understand the images it is defending. For example, the recent protests. The question is: what is the purpose of going out into the streets and what results will each person who goes out achieve?

Suppose the protesting crowd does not like the ruler. Although to be perfectly honest, “What kind of people they are, that’s the kind of rulers they deserve!” However, back to the semantic goals: what is each member of the crowd trying to accomplish when they shout at the top of their lungs, “Putin go away!”?

Well, Putin dropped everything, heard it, got scared, and gave the protesters power! Well if purely hypothetically, suddenly this happened! Putin leaves the Kremlin and asks the crowd, “Take power, who will take charge?”

I am 100, no 200% sure that none of the crowd would know what to do next! And I’m also 100% sure that the crowd will give all power to Navalny! His idol, which such a crowd now worships. No other associations arise so far.

I ask myself the question: “Do I want Navalny in power?” and without a second of doubt I answer: “I don’t want to see Navalny with any powers at all! Do you know why? Has anyone ever asked himself the question: “What is Navalny fighting for? Does he have any concrete solutions for changing the system he’s built? Is there a clear and concrete plan for what he will do in steps?”

What do my actions carry? What is the result?

навальный в толпе

Navalny’s actions contain only one image, one meaning and one goal: “Russia without Putin” – and life shows that many individuals are happy with this state of affairs! However, it is good to see that not all of the majority of people living in a particular area gather in crowds.

I’ll be honest, I don’t see a single politician, public figure or recognizable media personality who has said honestly and unapologetically, “What do we really need to do to get us all together?” And pull ourselves out of the asshole we put ourselves in!

Let’s be honest, let’s pretend that figuratively the crowd has the power, the crowd suddenly realized that this is a big responsibility. The crowd suddenly, in some miraculous way, was endowed with intelligence and one of the crowd, hearing what everyone was thinking together, voiced such questions to Navalny:

  1. Servant Navalny, how are you going to build a system of commodity-money relations?
  2. Will this system have money, currencies and who will control their emission?
  3. Do we need a tax policy at all? After all, Russia used to have a tithe, and it was enough to support the army and soldiers.
  4. Are there people who will not just tear down the school degradation of our children, but will build a clear system of education for our offspring?
  5. Is there a cadre who will be able to get the army up and running in a minimal amount of time?

I can throw out +100500 questions like these, and I’m 100% sure that Navalny will not give a clear and comprehensible answer to any of them. If Navalny suddenly sees my article, let him comment, it will be interesting to me.

However, he has no program of action, no plan for building relations in society. Because his goal is the crowd. And the crowd, as you can see from Navalny’s actions, is not supposed to realize itself as a group of people with common goals and objectives. That’s his true goal, as it seems to me. And the real facts of the behavior of the crowd that took to the streets show that they have not yet grown to the appearance of humanity! Again, I am glad that not all the people think so!

The Russian Federation is not a government, and the USSR still exists.

флаг ссср

For all those who consider themselves Russians, citizens of the Russian Federation, and patriots of Russia, I suggest familiarizing yourself with the following document:

249 приказ МВД

This is the order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs № 249 from April 24, 2018 Registered with the Ministry of Justice of Russia on May 21, 2018 № 51137. On page 14-15 we find paragraph 13.2 and read carefully what it says!

13.2 Check compliance with the requirements established by regulatory legal acts of the executive authorities of the USSR and the RSFSR, as well as compliance with the requirements of regulatory documents, the mandatory application of which is not stipulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation..

That is, in fact, Minister of Interior Kolokoltsev, by signing such an order, officially acknowledged that de jure the states of the USSR and RSFSR exist and even police officers are not allowed to check the requirements under the jurisdiction of the USSR and RSFSR.

Think about it! If the USSR and RSFSR no longer exist, the laws of this jurisdiction do not apply. What is the point then in such orders to mention the inoperative laws of the dissolved state? Quite a logical question. What is the answer then? The first one that comes to mind is the correct one. The USSR and the RSFSR did not go anywhere. The laws of the Soviet state apply to the entire territory of the country.

How about this?

Here’s the bottom line. Who you identify yourself as, that’s how you are treated. If you voluntarily recognize yourself as a citizen of the Russian Federation, then you are treated as a physical person, who has no rights or freedoms. And where do all the actors, dissenting ass-bloggers, etc. persons call you? That’s right, under the symbol of Russia’s freedom, to go out into the street and shout chants! Provoke the cops to kick the shit out of the crowd and videotape the whole thing! Post this art on YouTube, increasing their popularity with patriotic sentiments! That’s great!

Now the question for every such patriot who goes out on the streets to get pecked, “Are you sure you’re responsible for your child’s safety this way?” Well, for example, they took 1,000 individuals out of the crowd, put them in jail, took them to court, and then, at best, imposed a monetary penalty. At worst, they made him a cripple.

Apparently we have a lot of rich individuals who have nowhere to put their money and health to give it to the already rotten system of the Russian Federation. And then they start blaming the system for their problem, that your child has nothing to eat! It’s not Daddy’s fault he’s in a wheelchair, it’s the cops’ fault! Pure idiocy. Doesn’t anyone from the crowd, from the outside, want to take a sensible look at their own actions?

Feature №3

толпа в поведении заблуждения

The crowd is always blind and never sees where they are being led! A conscious group clearly understands the goals, sees the solutions and acts according to a common plan. Do you know why the people are losing the fight against the system of power right now?

There are very few people, and those who take to the streets are not the people, but only the crowd. It saddens me very much to write this, but it’s true! And everyone should consciously accept this situation. Have you heard this saying, “If you want to change the world, start with yourself”? How much longer will the crowd not be able to realize their ignorance?

Feature №4

The crowd has no voice! What does this mean? The system of government in the world is built on choice. Choice of what or whom? The election process itself, supposedly, represents the casting of votes for a worthy candidate of the people. Where? To deputies, senators, presidents – in general, anywhere, but not to support the interests of the people. Why not?

Because the system itself is set up in such a way that the structure of government is based on irresponsibility, but with beautiful justification. What does that mean? The average individual believes that by electing a president, deputy or mayor, the latter will fulfill his promises. How many such elected officials have fulfilled their promises? Maybe 1 out of 100, and then the system will eat him up and force him out of office. You don’t have to go far to Yakutia for an example.

Who is to blame? The physical person who loses his vote, or the actor of the political theater, built into a complex system of fooling of physical persons? Not a single individual has the question, “Maybe it’s not the elected one, but the system?”; “Will you stop supporting the imposed system and gobble up all the information crap they are fed?” “Do you all who go out in the street to rally really think that by removing Putin you will change the system?” – If that’s what 10% of the population thinks, then we’re not fucked yet!

What do the numbers and facts say?

And if you look the facts in the eye, a lot of people in Irkutsk went out on the street, let me exaggerate the number, but according to the video no more than 7-8 thousand. And there are about 700 thousand people living in Irkutsk. Take out the infants and the elderly, and we end up with 3-4% of those who succumbed to Navalny’s manipulation. Not so many, which is great!

Unfortunately the individual is incapable of adequately assessing the situation he finds himself in! And that situation is always a sacrifice, when you give your vote! If you gave your vote, you must be responsible for it! Because NOT knowing the laws, does not exempt from responsibility!

толпа без лица и голоса

Each such person who gives his vote, automatically ceases to be responsible for himself, his children, his grandchildren, thereby violating the fundamentals of the Laws of the Universe! The basis is the creation of a favorable environment for the lives of their children for 3 or more generations to come! Do any of the people think about this when they go to vote for Zhirinovsky, Putin or Navalny, turning into an incompetent physical person?

I am 100% sure that everything written will only reach 1-2% of individuals who will begin the process of rethinking. However, all is not so bad and all is not lost. Let me be wrong, and in the next 6-12 months 10% will realize the situation. Then the victory will be for the people. After all, if only 10% of the world’s population changes, radical processes of change will begin in the entire society.

Peculiarity No.5

The basis of the crowd is incapacitated individuals. The basis of a united group of people is a person who knows his past, understands his present, and has a plan for solving problems in the future. Groups of people united by the same symbols, similar goals and objectives, with similar plans of action are called a people.

Do you really think of yourselves as a people who come out to rallies and protests? Then give everyone else a step-by-step plan of action that will help you, other people, your children get out of all this crap by holding rallies?

If someone wants to respond in a comment like, “First let’s get Putin out, and then we’ll solve everything!” – better don’t comment at all. Statements like that define you as a physical person! And I am not interested in knowing what a physical person thinks. So such comments will not even be published!

Feature №6

The crowd is aggressive. However, an organized group of people has no right to allow themselves to be aggressive.

агрессивная толпа

Policemen who go out on orders to enforce law and order are human beings, just like you and me. They also have children, and they understand a lot of what is going on! And believe me, they are just as unhappy with the lawlessness that is going on in the system that has been created.

However, they are the ones who receive all the negativity, which the crowd directs at them because of their anger. And who helps to rock such a wave? Navalny and the quasi-patriots like him. Did that man even think about your children when he called you onto the streets? Believe me, he doesn’t give a shit about you or your children.

It saddens me to see that many people, because of their anger and aggression, do not see and do not want to understand that: “The crowd in the streets is not used for their own purposes at all by the friends of the Russian people!” As written above – Navalny is not calling you to build a bright future with him. He is performing his function of replacing one vile regime with another. Where the people will always be the losers.

After reading this, someone will probably get offended and want to shift the responsibility to me, saying, “If you’re so smart, offer a solution that will change the system yourself! Any suggestions?” You know I do! Not invented by me, you just need to look into our past, and send history! For those who don’t understand, I’ll decipher the word:

  • Is, Iz – a vector directing to that which is at the core
  • Torah – the object of Jewish religious worship, made up of a body of Jewish traditional, religious laws.

IzTorah or History is a distorted past imposed upon the people of Russia by the Jews. Or – I might call it foreigners’ tales. If one understands the meaning and imagery of the words, everything falls into place.

“Back to our sheep!” – as my algebra and higher math teacher used to say. Watch this short video, which invites us to recreate a long-forgotten, existing control system from our ancestors:


In this article I have only talked about 6 important differences between group behavior and crowd behavior. In fact, there are a lot of them. I found these to be the most relevant ones to focus your attention on. If everyone learns to look at themselves from the outside, focus on:

  • the security of children’s futures,
  • symbols,
  • meanings,
  • images,
  • goals and objectives,
  • planning,
  • problem-solving steps,

then we’ll all get out of the shit very quickly. What do you think?

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