Joining the Clan

Instructions, actions and wishes for all who are interested or only considering joining the Kirillov Family of the Slavic-Aryan Rasen clan

How to restore the power of Clan in times of total oblivion and ignorance

In this article the reader will learn about the top 5 techniques to restore the strength of the genus in times of total oblivion. What is this, and why the hell do I need it? If such a question has arisen in the mind of a blog visitor, feel free to close the site. He and this article are not for you.

The Secret Knowledge of the Ancient Slavs. Practical application in information wars against the people.

In this article you will learn about the secret knowledge of the ancient Slavs. Practical application of which in information wars goes back to the time of Peter the Great. You will learn about the distortion of semantic concepts, for what it was done.