Primary sources for reconstructing the history of the family name

A limited number of people do the work of reconstructing the history of the family by the family name in primary sources. It is gratifying that their number is increasing over time. However, for those who are not on the subject, but are interested, I am posting the foundational materials to begin with.древо восстановления рода семьиTo begin, I will return to the primary source from whom I heard about the principle of research itself. It is the conference of S.V. Taraskin, the Temporary Acting President of the USSR. In this event he presents his own developed system of search of the information on his Kin. Here is this video, take a look:
More books and materials from which you can take more information about your pro-parents.Древняя ведическая Русь. Основа сущего
Very much surprised by the Tsar Book, written by order of Ivan the Terrible for his descendants. 27 volumes, 2 PDF and DjVu formats. You can download everything at this link. The printed version of Taraskin all books weighs 150 kilograms. Impressive.

Concerning the Transfer of Cosmic and Planetary Rights

There is another no less interesting document, a description of which I will give below. There is no such certified copy as the letter of A.F. Macedonian at the present time. There is an annotation, or description, of Cohn’s contents. Taraskin said he would not publish this document for the time being. The full title of the document is:поиск информации о своем РодеBrief semantic content of the document:
“The Creators of the Universe transfer all absolute and full rights to own, cherish and preserve the Earth of Daaria to the historical Russian Clans, as the only people born by the Earth of Daaria, who have these rights for as long as the last son of the Earth of Daaria exists. The Con was created and signed in the Summer of the Great Cold by the Great Builders of the Universe and the Slavic men, including the King of Kings, the Great Lord of the South, Rurik son of the Great Rarog from the family of the Skolote falcons and the King of the Great Boreas nicknamed Boryata the Lord of the Northern Wind”.

Additional Ancient Primary Sources

It is worth mentioning two other sources for finding information about your Kin. We are talking about two very valuable books. The first is “Dictionary of Old Russian Language” by I. I. Sreznevsky. The second is “Historiography of the Name. Glory and Expansion of the Slavic Nation” by Mavro Orbini. The latter author has another work concerning the Slavic clans. This manuscript is called “The Slavic Kingdom. The origin of the Slavs and the spread of their domination.” I have not yet managed to read it. At the same time I have studied it superficially. Conclusion: to use this essay for my research. Look at the video, which has all the titles of the books. They can and should be used to restore the history of the family name. This is how one learns one’s affiliation to one’s blood ancestors. I also have a search to do. That is why I appeal to more experienced people who have information. Please give advice, a tip or a link that will make the work more accurate. Please post this in the form of comments below the article. In my next posts I will try to describe, step by step, what I did. Why I did not use all of the above-mentioned sources to find information about my Kin, or vice versa. I look forward to your comments!

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