Who I am

My name is Rus Eugene the son of Yuri from the Family of Kirillov of the Original Clan of the Slavic-Aryan Rasenov. I was born in the RSFSR in 1978. Az I AM a living Soul in the body of a Man.

According to international law, which is based on Roman Law, English Maritime Law and all others, which contradict the Natural, I am the founder of the name of the citizen of the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) Evgeny Yurievich Kirillov.

However, due to his aspiration and knowledge of the natural Codes of the Universe, he made his Will, about the affirmation of the power of only God the Creator Almighty over himself. Date of publication 20.01.2020 on the site of OD “OVR” and in their social networks. Here it is:


What does all of the above and published mean? It means that by my Will I have forbidden the use of deception against myself. I do not recognize it, both on the mere human concept and in the field of any jurisdictions.

In other words, a sane person who can speak for himself in word and voice begins to use his right given to him only by God.

In the field of relations with the authorities of the Russian Federation, this means that their laws no longer apply to me. All that violate my natural rights and cause harm, both moral and material.

I notified them, I wrote to all responsible persons and … none of their official representatives refuted my statement. Simply put, they agreed with him. What this means, I will write in separate posts. I no longer use a signature or autograph to interact with RF-Russia authorities. All official forms now use the personal seal of the owner.

моя печать

This seal is my property and is used only by me and no one else. I forbid all legal entities, individuals-persons to use my intellectual property for any purpose. This image is forbidden for copying and distribution-BIDDEN.

I’m tired of listening to, following and worshiping everything that is put into people’s heads. All the garbage that makes man a gutless and weak creature. However, having studied the documents and having had my own life experience, I see no other humane way out of the slave position.

An organized criminal community, in the person of a commercial company RF (Russian Federation) is imposing on the Slavs a pernicious system that destroys us and our children. Personally, by virtue of my convictions, the Will and principles of humanity, I have no right to calmly accept the deception and obey the subhuman.

It is impossible to call them otherwise. All Slavs who woke up from the morass, have studied or only want to understand the proposed documents, have the surname Kirillov(a) and wish to restore their name of the Family of Kirillov from the Clan of the Slavs-Aryans, I urge to join. It is for this purpose that I have created a blog.

All the necessary information that will be needed to understand the processes that are taking place will be contained on the pages of this website. Including a step-by-step guide on how to act, as well as how to interact with the bodies of the Russian Federation.

In all the texts and records of this web-resource, no officer of the Russian Federation, will ever find information that would be the basis for bringing me to administrative or criminal responsibility.

By virtue of our knowledge, we Russians have enough discretion to get along in the world with all thinking, speaking people, as well as other living beings.