The Secret Knowledge of the Ancient Slavs. Practical application in information wars against the people.

In this article you will learn about the secret knowledge of the ancient Slavs. Practical application of which in information wars goes back to the time of Peter the Great. You will learn about the distortion of semantic concepts, for what it was done.Тайные знания древних славян. Практическое применениеWhat words we have been taught to use to make the original descendants of the original genera into servile, biological machines. A commodity that can talk, but no longer knows how to think and draw sound conclusions.

Who we are, and who we have been made to be

Everyone who begins to wake up and understand a little bit of what is going on must realize some things. Without awareness and understanding of which further unlocking of consciousness will be almost impossible. The first and most important thing is that we are not descendants of apes according to Charles Darwin’s theory, but children of God. That is:
  • That we are not a body with a Soul, but a Soul in a body. Exactly in that order. After which the understanding of the meaning of life (incarnation of the Soul) in the world of Yavia begins to come. Understanding that the Spiritual is primary and the material is secondary and not vice versa.
  • That it is necessary to live for each other, not for oneself. That Mother Earth is ours and it must be cherished and nurtured, and not parasites, like fleas on a dog.
To begin with we need to remove words that are foreign to us from our vocabulary. Since the word is material, and approving something, i.e. saying a word, we embody it in a subtle matter. To begin with, it is necessary to exclude words such as:
  1. History (Yis Torah – from Torah I), i.e., everything is written as the Torah teaches, i.e., a rearranged, “edited” past, i.e., not real.
  2. Territory (terri-tori-ya, Terra (land)-Torah-ya), “territory” is a bit more complicated. By saying “territory” we are claiming on the subtle planes that it is the land of Torah. That is thinking that we are claiming that it is our land, but in fact we are claiming that it is the land of the Torah. The correct way to say it is our land (Earth).
  3. New Year. The year is Gad, and Gad is one of the names of the Devil. Every 365 days, everyone meets a new Gad (Devil) at night from December 31 to January 1. The New Year was introduced in Russia by the anti-Christ Tsar Peter 1 (Goldstein).
What do English-speaking individuals or Germans exclaim? “My God”(Maj gad) or “Mein Goth.” From this comes the word “year.” The Germanic pronunciation is closer, but ours has a hard ending. Gad is a serpent, serpent is the devil. We must get rid of it, and this, in turn, requires an understanding of the real meaning of words. There were four major holidays in Russia:
  • the Vernal Equinox – Yara (new year),
  • Summer Solstice – Red Mountain – Ivan Kupala (Avvy Kupol),
  • Autumn Equinox – Avsen,
  • winter solstice day – Koliada (winter holy days).
That’s for starters. The basics of the path of awakening.

Words to redefine their meaning and image

Слова для переосмысления их значения и образа4. Slave. Now this word is synonymous with “slave. But in fact, this word has a completely different meaning. Rab is Ra (Light), and B is God. That is, the Light of God. Slave is the Light of God. Now everyone is screaming “we are not slaves” without realizing that they are actually denying their Heavenly Father. At one time, when “librarianship” was created, and people wrote in their notebooks, “we are not slaves, slaves are not us. Then those notebooks were sent to the Vatican as evidence of renunciation of the White God Father. This is how people, not understanding what was going on, became servants of the devil. The Slav who was captured was called “my Slave”, hence the meaning that Slave is a slave imposed on everyone. 5. Family. The linear meaning of the word is “the seven of me,” as there used to be an average of seven children in families. Hence the proverb “Seven in a row.” A deeper and more figurative meaning is Family – semya-ya – my seed, little (and) me. In other words, children are the harvest from the seed of the Husband sown in the Wife’s womb and nurtured by her. And no “last names”.
It should be taken into account that the names of families have appeared relatively recently, with an increase in the number of people on the planet. To avoid confusion.
However, by presenting each family as a Kin, they try to tear everyone off from the Is-Con Family Tree, naming each family as its own separate Kin, which can’t happen in principle. Trees do not grow on trees.

Definition of a family as part of a Clan

семья часть РодаThen, having understood these basic points, we need to understand who we are as incarnate here on Midgard-Earth (every planet where there is life has a name, like the Star-Sun around which the planet revolves. And every satellite of a planet, such as the Moon, also has a name. How can you read the name of the Earth Midgard? – The World Granted (Mira Dar) of the Earth (earth) giving the Good (good).
  1. First you need to define your Kin, belonging to a particular Clan.
  2. To understand that family is not a Kin, but a part of a Clan. Like a branch on a tree, which is not a separate tree, but part of the tree.
  3. To understand such a thing, that if a Kin (tree) dies, then a family (branch) will also die. If not in the physical plane, then in the subtle planes.
Forgetting your past does not build the future. Without knowing the past, the future is ghostly. Remember the proverb: “A man without knowing his past has no future”. Forgetting our roots will make us forget who we are. And it will no longer be us. Forgetting our Kin, our ancestors, we will betray them. Betray all their spilled blood for our future generations. Those who forgot their Clan and who they are are ruled by foreigners based on their interests. Therefore, those who forget who they are betray their ancestors and their descendants.

Meanings of ancient Russian words

Смыслы древних русских словLet’s look at the example of the Slavs. Slavs are the children of the White God, and his name is Avva. This name is hidden in such words as Slavs, power, Orthodoxy, right (prav), Lyubava, rule, etc. The name “Ivan” is a distortion of the name “Avvan”.
The Georgians (Georgia – Mountain Russia) have a similar name: Avas, which Raikin ridiculed for a reason. And Chukovsky, who was Korney, openly mocked, calling the name of the dog in the fairy tale “Aibolit” – Avva.
Moreover, the Bible preserves this name in four places. And the prayer of Radomir (our sorcerer, who is now called Jesus) begins with the words – “Abba, Our Father…”. Although, correctly it should sound like this: Abba, Our Father in Heaven, because the word “Father” causes a lot of disputes about its real meaning. That is, the disputants are divided into two camps. Some say that the Father is our Heavenly Father, others say that the Father is our stepfather, and the word “patronymic” pulls us away from our earthly fathers. But before, there really were no patronymics. They used to say – Ivan son of Ivan. So, the Slavs are the representatives of two Is-Con, Iz-Con, Pervo-Primogenic Clans of Rasen and Svetorus. It is unity of Sorts. Brotherly to them two Sorts of the Aryans (not to be confused with the Aryans, the Aryans is to the Führer). The Aryans is also the unity of the two Is-Con, Is-Con, Pervo-Con Clans of the Da-Aryans and the X-Aryans. All together, these four Clans represent a single powerful Clan Tree. At the first stage this is enough.

Who are the Russes, the Russians?

Кто такие РусыNow consider who the Russians are and why this word is an adjective. It is impossible to understand this if you do not know the historical meaning of the word and how it came to be. For this we need to understand the following: 1.What is Russia? Russia in its linear meaning (linear meaning – simple, superficial, not figurative) denotes a bright place, a place under the sun. But there is also a figurative meaning. More complete and correct. Russia is a place of residence (location) of the Light Forces (Forces of Good). And this word has a place of use not only planetary, but also cosmic, multidimensional, many-worldly and many-spatial. Hence point 2. 2. Who are the Russes? Russ is those who stand on the side of the Light Forces (Forces of Good), ie representatives of the Light, and carrying the Light of God. 3 And who are Russians? This word has a purely linear meaning, nothing more. Russian is a derivative adjectival word from the base-noun “Russ”. Russian is light. That’s all. The figurative, deep meaning in the adjective is lost. And now they don’t know what “Russian” means either. Especially since in our language there should be one letter “s” in the word. Two letters “s” appeared because of writing in Latin, because one letter “s” in Latin gives a “sh” sound, and two “ss” sound like “s”.

Not every Slav is a Rus. Who are the non-Rus?

Кто такие неРусиThe Races and Ruses are the Clans of Slavs and Aryans. The Rusiches are the followers of Ruses, i.e. the representatives of other Clans who accepted the Light Side of the Force. And on equal rights. But also it should be known that if the Rus is a Slav or an Aryan, then not every Slav or Aryan can be a Rus. A Rus is that Slav or Aryan, who is on the Light Side of the Force. Simply put, who lives by Honor and Conscience. Is able to take responsibility, follows the Cones. If the representative of these Clans accepts the Dark Side of the Force, he can no longer be a Rus. He becomes a Rus (anti-Russ), or, speaking in modern terms – non-Russ. Only after comprehending, understanding all this, you can begin to move on. And there is no other way. Only through the understanding of yourself. Not in vain the first letter of the ABC is Az, which has the meaning of “I”. As in the movie “Ivan Vasilievich changes his profession” – Az is the king… Everything always starts with yourself. You should never demand from people what you cannot demand from yourself. This is the only way to get on the path of PrAvvy. It is also highly recommended to watch all the videos with Dmitry of the Belousov family, on the Youtube channel “Folk Slavic Radio”. Here is one of his videos:
When there is an acute lack of knowledge – logic helps, the construction of logical chains, where one follows from the other. The main thing here is to set the right direction. Main Author: Rus Volh, co-authored with me

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