How to restore the power of Clan in times of total oblivion and ignorance

In this article the reader will learn about the top 5 techniques to restore the strength of the genus in times of total oblivion. What is this, and why the hell do I need it? If such a question has arisen in the mind of a blog visitor, feel free to close the site. He and this article are not for you.

топ-5 методик восстановить силы рода

The topic is really very important. Especially understanding one’s own place in life. If a person moves away from the connection with his family, he lacks the strength to finally find that place. Humanity has lost the memory of its roots. The past, traditions and foundations are forgotten.

Rethinking the Education Process – Methodology 1

Education today is based on the judgments and views of science. Which states that everything in this world is created only through the material. However, material forms have their fillings through spiritual content and each of us has both an outer and an inner world.

The inner world, precisely, is a reflection of our understanding and purpose. Who am I, why did I come here? How do I build relationships with society? How do I express myself through other people?

мужчина и женщина в роду

Here the connection to the clan is fundamental and central, Why? Because if there is such a break in relations with the clan, then the young man or woman, when forming a family union, will not be able to establish relations with his or her new mate.

They will not be able to build a relationship with their own clan, as well as with the clan of the other half.
The fact is that when we move away from the understanding of kinship, through science we perceive the world as a kind of kaleidoscope. A device of changing events, situations in which in one way or another it is involved or participates.

Causes and Consequences of Events

We do not understand that these events bring us, among other things, a connection with our own kind. When we come to this earth we already have certain character traits. We have a small body, gradually developing it. We form these properties of character, which are established in our previous incarnation.

And when we start to manifest these or those character traits here, then such a notion as destiny comes into play. Then the fundamental qualities and properties of our soul and body put us in those or other events in which we take part.

пробуждение души из силы рода

We begin to think that we get into these events completely by accident. However, this is not true, because we choose our parents and environment while we are not on Earth. We come here in that incarnation with which we have spent any previous ones.

All events are initially formed through our character, which determines our values, choices and beliefs. These are the core and other events that shape our destiny. If I don’t drink alcohol, I have zero chance of getting into negative events.

So what’s wrong with that…

For example: I drink on the contrary. Then, there is a probability that I can come in a pub, beer bar and in alcoholic intoxication fight with people whose nature is far from perfect. So is mine, by the way.

By the way I haven’t dabbled in alcohol for 17 years. If anything!

Or, for example, if I don’t like soccer, I won’t be a fan so I can shout such “chants” in the stadium:

It is unequivocal that all these factors shape not only my destiny, but also the manifestations in that destiny of my attitude in my actions. In other words: many constraints and character traits lead me in one direction or another. And I have only to follow what is embedded in my slides.

When generic ties are destroyed, a person loses the understanding of what he came to this Earth for. What is lost is an understanding of nature itself. How a man or woman should and will conform in this life based on the tasks of the species.

Fuck all knowledgeable telepathic seers – methodology 2

Today, a huge number of programs, specialists offer advice on how to:

  • cleanse the aura,
  • cleanse the clan
  • to restore and renew connections with their ancestors.
Unfortunately most of people listening to these programs and taking part in some telecasts do not understand the main thing! Until a man forgives himself and asks forgiveness from his Kin, he cannot unite completely in these Clan!

пробуждение разума с помощью лохотрона

It will not be possible to restore one’s generic memory, because one does not accept oneself as it is. After all, the Kin that sends him to Earth, the Kin of Heaven, it gives him exactly the form that is most useful to a person in his current incarnation.

Based on the state of love, a person is offered a set of only those life forces that he needs for his incarnation:

  • desires,
  • ideas,
  • aspirations,
  • and dreams.

There are major dreams of which man, as a rule, forgets today. Forgetting them betrays them, and therefore betrays himself. Today we are all dissatisfied with each other, which means we are dissatisfied with ourselves.

The magic of mirroring

Because each of us is reflected, as in a mirror, in another person. We come here as souls, which means that first of all we are spirits. This is why our traditions say that the body is the temple of the soul and the heart is the throne of God.

We constantly forget that as God’s spirit we are all one, but as bodies we are all different. Such, constant contradictions develop our relationships at the level of carcasses, dolls, robots, machines, unaware of our soul and spirit, giving rise to a lack of willpower.

зеркало души в силе рода

It does not allow us to connect everything that happens to us into a single big picture. We begin to blame other people, to complain about the place we once chose ourselves.

We do not do the lessons we once wrote on our souls, and so we betray ourselves every time. When we become a father – we do not fulfill the responsibilities of a father! When we are a mother – we do not love our children!

These forms of our betrayals sever the relationship with our ancestors and the memory of our ancestors. Guilt, resentment, sadness-tosadness overwhelm a person’s understanding of who he really is!

And since today through science we have chosen the material world as the only form of existence of life, we become in a state of enmity toward ourselves!

We do not accept ourselves as we are, we are constantly at enmity with ourselves, and this enmity develops into a constant war with each other.

Awakening traditions through the ritual of reincarnation – technique 3

When we are fighting we don’t realize that we are all connected through different kin into one whole! And our traditions and families were seen as a world tree, where the roots of the tree are our ancestors, the trunk is you and the crown is our descendants!

If we came to understand that we are one, then you would understand that we are always ancestors and descendants through rotations of so-called reincarnations! Therefore, if we do not accept ourselves and others today, we are thus destroying the world.

The state of not accepting oneself all the time deprives us of the main thing for which we came into this life. To comprehend the wisdom of life, to comprehend love in all its fullness and variety of essential variation.

If people give up on themselves, they automatically give up on love for themselves. And so we cannot give this love to others. In such a state, each of us feels broken and deprived.

Return of love from the power of the Kin

Relationships are built on the level of asking for love from each other. On showing others that I am worthy of it, that I am a good person, by projecting material evidence into the outside world.

This is why, today, we are so greatly influenced by other people’s opinions. We are afraid of that opinion because today a person is judged through styles, his bodily attributes.

чужое мнение обрывает силу рода

How pleasant or unpleasant is he, how like me or not like me? Is he handsome or not handsome? How he speaks, how he looks at me, what he does toward me. This is how the artificial evaluation of other people by each other is formed, today.

Psychology is built on this wretchedness. A huge number of all kinds of techniques to convince a person of:

  • self-esteem,
  • appreciation,
  • undervaluation.

If we proceed from the soul, then there should be no place for evaluation at all! Because each of us is equal to the other! When we enter the understanding of a person through evaluation, we go on to judgment!

For example, the majority does not like a person, then they start to judge everything that is not understandable, not close, not familiar, unpleasant and automatically, as if throwing this part out of the state of their world.

Energy and healing through the power of Clan

There is a removal of the world from its state of equilibrium! Instead of being like the Creator and becoming wiser, deeper and more loving human souls and spirits, we spend our whole lives in our own rejection!

We build our entire destiny on suffering. On living hard, difficult, in hatred, in constant losses, unpleasantness and as a consequence of constant blows of fate!

And our Heavenly Clan keeps looking at us and wondering:

“When will you turn to us for knowledge, love, support and help? Why has everyone decided that the power of Rod’s support is worse than the various gurus, spiritual teachers, masters of some kind, experts in spiritual practices?”

  1. Why don’t you turn to your soul?
  2. Why the hell don’t you listen to its voice?
  3. Don’t you ask for advice when you make some choice?
  4. Is some scientific authority, friend-buddy, acquaintance more important to you than your own soul?

восстановление энергии через силу рода

The power of Kin is a divine part, a part that is given to you originally by your Heavenly Father so that you can ennoble, equip and sow love in this world!

Our kinship ties are the power with which we can go through life easily. To make ourselves and our children happy. When we abandon our kinship ties, when we interrupt our ancestral roots and lose our ancestral memory, we become not only destitute, but also lonely!

In creating a Union get rid of any marriage – methodology 4

We try to hide this loneliness in our family. Even marital unions today are made for one thing only, not to be alone. What we don’t realize is that when we create a marriage, we take responsibility.

It lies in the fact that from the moment we enter into the union, we will never be what we were. The main energies we spend on the outside world today are only to draw its attention to ourselves. And in this way we try to beg, beg for the love of this world for ourselves.

We forget about our inner content, about family, clan, children, and so we betray ourselves and them. The condition of the soul changes. It no longer allows us to accept joy and happiness in life.

At the same time, we define happiness for ourselves as a certain well-fed place, which, having settled once and for all, we consider to be a certain idol, a fortress of life for all time.

However, when our happiness crumbles under the influence of various circumstances, we consider some alien people as the reason for that. Even worse, we explain these reasons to ourselves by our own weakness and imperfection, which we deeply hide inside and from ourselves. Afraid to admit to ourselves our shortcomings.

Until you and I admit to ourselves that we are not perfect, we will never reach a natural level of understanding of God’s creation.

Awareness and acceptance of shortcomings

By recognizing that fears, irresponsibility, ignorance and ugliness prevent us from being happy and connecting with our Kin, we will look at love from a very different perspective.

What prevents us from looking at love as a manifestation of the spiritual, of its divine significance in this world?

For love is God and these are not mere words for those people who love! Real love is unselfish, it asks nothing, demands nothing in return. It only gives, but in order to give it away you have to accumulate something in yourself!

It’s impossible to give something away that you don’t have. True love requires strength of mind. This strength is the guarantee and basis of the eternal divine worship of that power of love, which creates and co-creates the world.

Without this love there would be no life for us, there would be no parents, and therefore there would be no ancestral ties that can bring us back to the memory of our ancestors.

память предков в силе рода

Practice begins with thinking about what to do in order to understand one’s loved ones and relatives. You can ask yourself the question: “Why don’t I understand them?

If you suddenly realize that they have something you don’t like, it means it exists in you. That’s when you have to clean up all the flaws you’ve found in yourself!
And as soon as one begins to consciously exclude the found “mental parasites” from oneself, one’s inner state will change.

Resetting imposed programs

The image that has been invented for oneself, for another person, is far from the real content that is in reality. Unfortunately, our literature and upbringing today present our children with a very wrong image of human nature.

We are accustomed to accept man not through his natural manifestation, with his imperfections, but as a certain ideal to which we must conform from the requirements of literature and the imposed, ugly school education.

In fact, because we are all imperfect and refuse to accept ourselves and others as we are, there is constant conflict in the family and tribe.

A negative environment is created, where each of us tries to adjust, to fit the other to the ideal that seems right and necessary in relation to this person.

And in reality, there is a significant discrepancy between reality and the fiction in your head.

Preserving and Protecting the Family Union – Technique 5

It seems like we live with one person, but we imagine him or her to be quite different. And we make demands and claims to a specific person based on the ideal that we have drawn for ourselves in our mind.

Instead of accepting a person with all his faults and virtues, we are ready to accept him only with his dignity. We don’t want his faults.

And when we see these faults in a family, mutual disagreements begin to sprout, as from the soil. People begin to point out for some reason only the faults of the other person.

All people have flaws as well as virtues. In our past, our Slavic-Aryan ancestors had very strong traditional unions. Do you know why?

The reason is surprisingly simple. Our girls and boys were brought up in such a way that they suddenly saw their friend as God and Goddess. And since this is the case, they must sooner or later get over these flaws.

And so as not to throw the children off this mindset, only virtues were talked about at the family union. About what is good in a person, what he can do from the heart.

How children through sensitivity and attention can give love to their loved ones and relatives. When people lived in such a relationship, their shortcomings were smoothed out through harmony and harmony.

All relatives had their proper place and influence in the Clan. Instead of pointing out faults to the other, remaking him and controlling him, each Slav helped and prompted the other, what could make the person better, more beautiful and happier.

The essence of the whole of the feminine and the masculine

Кто такие Русы

It turns out that there was neither matriarchy nor patriarchy. There was instilled respect and understanding that in the universe, everywhere, there is male and female and no one defines what is more, and what is less. The universe just is.

However, when masculinity and femininity fall under the focus of material forms, a distorted society is formed in which there is division.

Separation takes one away from value, so when we say someone is older in the family, we are not giving most of the influence to the full family, but only parts of it. In a complete family, each of the halves carries its own nature.

Though it differs in the state of the sexes, yet both man and woman merely complement each other to the whole. When they live in wisdom and love, this complement runs through the world.

For example, in one situation the woman influences the family more, in another situation the man, and so they balance each other out.

The woman influences the family more in terms of how the whole environment of love is built up in relation to the children and the husband. The man influences more from the point of view of the master of spirit, the protector who, through the strength of physical and spiritual forces, constructs in this way a family environment in which security arises.

The fact is that in the family union, both the better and the worse qualities of the man manifest themselves. All because there is a kind of independent environment in which a person has nothing to hide from others.

That is why, when he has some quarrels and conflicts on the side, he splashes it out on his family and friends. Such behavior is natural, because relatives are walls.

As for relationships and fidelity, this is probably the main factor for creating and preserving a family. Because the family is a school of love and family relationships already develop into some kind of strong form of life.

Everyone begins to understand that with this person you are already connected in some way, you are more than one.


That’s basically all the Top 5 techniques to restore the strength of the Clan have been voiced. By the way a little about what kind of Clans are part of Our ancestors. The Slavic Aryans have only 4 Clans. These are the 2 Slavic Clans Svetorusy and Rasen and the 2 Clans of the Da’Aryans. These are Ha’Aryans and the Da’Aryans.

All of them are very easily recognized. Someday I will make, separately, an article on this subject. Unfortunately we all know too little about our ancestors, what to say about why we lost all our strength. I hope this information will help to start a change!

P.S. The basis for this material was the following video, who wants, check it out:

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