Top 5 recommendations for a person to politely refuse a RF employee’s request to wear a mask

Is a person obligated to wear a mask during an executive order? The answer is very simple. The person does not fall under the jurisdiction of a commercial company of the Russian Federation, so he/she has the right to refuse their services.обязан ли человек носить маскуThe requirement to wear a mask is not an obligatory offer for a person who lives according to the Laws of the Universe. But for individuals it is a mandatory requirement to fulfill. Who understood what I wrote above? It seems to me that if 1% of the 100 who read this understand what I write about next, it will be a success! First, let’s understand who is a person and who is an individual. A human being is a thinking being homosapience who distinguishes truth from lies and can manifest his will in any situation. He lives by the Kons of the Universe. The physical person is a human being homosapience, who has no will of his own, rejects common sense. Lives by the laws, so as not to destroy planet Earth by his ignorance!

The first guideline for the human being

A human being is distinguished from a physical person by his knowledge of the Codes and Laws. Man understands such definitions as:
  • jurisdiction,
  • law,
  • responsibility,
  • duty,
  • legal capacity.
An individual does not possess such knowledge . Therefore, in response to any demand of the authorities, the individual only agrees to comply with it. Without even asking whether it is legal or not. Whether such a demand violates his rights or not. All because the physical person does not have the Willingness. And so, who is a governor? Are governors part of the government of Russia? To me, as someone who understands that the Russian Federation itself is a commercial company, which is registered on as a commercial company, not a state company, has no legal right to be called a state. However, in order to argue in the field of Roman law that governors are not part of Russia’s system of state power at all, I suggest everyone read the following document:Постановление Верховного Суда РФ от 13 августа 2020 г. N 1-АД20-1 Губернаторы-это не государственная власть России
On the second page of this document it is clearly written that:
During consideration of the present case Baksheeva S.A., her defender Kuroptev A.M. and deputy prosecutor of the Arkhangelsk region in the complaints and protest filed against the resolution on imposing administrative punishment consistently argued that the objective side of the administrative offence imputed to Baksheeva S.A. in the case under consideration is absent due to impossibility to classify the Governor of Arkhangelsk region to the bodies that exercise state power in Russia (with respect to disposition of part 3 The Supreme Court of the RF agreed with the arguments of the defense and cancelled the fine for the individual, recognizing the position of the governor not to be part of the system of state power in Russia.
And since it is so, in general, what powers does the governor have to demand execution of his decrees to an individual? That’s what you should demand from individuals, who obediently agree to execute illegal decrees! And they do not concern the individual! Simply put, the governor has no legal jurisdiction under which a person falls! And the person has no obligation to wear a mask!

Recommendation for person number 2

Since I myself live in the city of Irkutsk, I have carefully studied the governor’s decree myself, by the way here it is:Указ губернатора Иркутской области от 12 октября 2020 года № 279-уг
First of all, I did not see any binding law on a person that could be invoked to enforce it immediately. This document is purely advisory in nature and does not obligate a person to comply with it.Secondly, as can be seen from the decree itself, it applies to various persons, and protects human rights everywhere. It is sufficient to identify oneself as a person, not a person, and to refuse the recommendations in the decree.Thirdly: the governor does not have the right to establish a state of emergency in the region, and by the way, no one has declared a state of emergency. There is no such a state in Irkutsk or the region. And if that is the case, then all the measures set forth in the decree are, as I said, of a recommendatory nature.Fourth: The decree of the Governor of the Irkutsk region is not legal! The point is in the name of the decree, which includes the following phrase: “… for the territorial subsystem of the Irkutsk region of the unified state system…”. And as you know above, the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation has determined the fact that governors are not part of the “state system of power of the Russian Federation”.
A person under the Cohns and laws has every right to refuse the services offered. A capable person would never voluntarily, without a real threat, put a muzzle on himself. For individuals, however, this decree is mandatory.
Because the incapacitated persons mentioned in the decree are obligated to do whatever their masters tell them to do. Individuals have a guardian – they are all commercial companies, such as: the prosecutor’s office, the Federal Security Service, the administration of the region, district and city. All individuals are included in the database of the Tax Service, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and other databases of commercial companies in the Russian Federation. If you present a passport of the Russian Federation, you have identified yourself as a physical person. And if so, then pay the fines, taxes and execute the decrees!дееспособность человека наступает с

Recommendation three for the person in refusing to wear a mask

If it is clear to the reader what I have written above, then how does one identify as a human being? It is actually very simple. A person always behaves humanly in all situations. Communicates politely with other people and individuals. Does not provoke RF servants to use force, thereby showing intelligence. Always gives facts and argues with them, defending his rights. So, if a person presents a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation, the officers of the Russian Federation automatically see in front of them not a person, but a physical person. But a foreign passport issued by the same bodies of the Russian Federation already gives much more advantages in protection of human rights.

How useful is a foreign passport

First: If someone wants to open an account in a bank in the Russian Federation with a foreign passport, it will not work. Banks work only with legal entities and individuals. A Russian passport presented by a person is not identified by the Russian system as presented by an individual.Secondly, all of us are de jure citizens of the USSR and even in the Russian passport I have a note about this. Being in good health, solid memory and sharp mind I did not apply for a change of citizenship of the USSR. Therefore, being on the territory of USSR, in the field of Roman law, the RF commercial company has no right to oblige the citizen of other state to execute decrees of advisory nature. Simply put, it, the RF and the regional authorities have no jurisdiction over it. The jurisdiction of the RF and its subsidiaries extends to the continental shelf and the exclusive economic zone. To put it simply, not on land but in the sea. Grounds: the Constitution of the Russian Federation, article 67, Federal Law of 30 November 1995 No 187-FZ and the Federal Law of 17 December 1998 No 191-FZ. On the basis of these laws, everyone, in polite form, can enlighten the servants of the Russian Federation. The bottom line is that their jurisdiction does not apply to a citizen of the USSR who is in the territory of his country of the USSR. After all the legal facts, politely ask the person restricting your rights: is the person obliged to wear a mask after all the above?

Recommendation four do not wear a mask

There is such a thing as personal responsibility. Regardless of whether the decrees and orders issued by employees in the RF authorities are legal or illegal. A person is obliged to know and distinguish them. At least in order to be able to defend his rights. But individuals, due to their illiteracy and ignorance, do not know them and do not distinguish between them. That’s why a person who has entered a store without a mask hears an urgent recommendation to wear a mask from the store staff. I myself have encountered this more than once, and in response to their recommendation I reply as follows: “It is the responsibility of the individual to wear a mask, I am not an individual and I am not subject to the governor’s edicts!” At this point there is a program failure in the individual’s head!

I’m going to get fined!

There were times when I had already entered the store and was stopped by a security guard, with the same polite request to wear a mask. After a little education of the guards, they responded with the following: “Well we get fined if people enter without masks!” A person who knows his rights would never respond in such a form to another person. There is no time to give a 10-15 minute lecture. So to one such guard I replied as follows: “I will now take out a piece of paper and a pen and make you personally write a text, with your signature, where you personally take full financial responsibility for everything that happens to me, after I put on your mask at your request! What if I have a lung disease and my doctor has expressly forbidden any restrictions on breathing! Write me such a paper right now!?” At that moment I observed on the guard’s face not just a glitch in the program, I saw a terrible fear, for the consequences I described! Any literate person can draw up a standard form of such a document himself. Print 1-2 copies and carry with you, to be presented in such cases. However, you should always assess the situation correctly. If you see that the physical person does not get the meaning, do not provoke the employees. They are dumbed down by the system and sometimes you just need to leave without creating conflict. Find another store where they will agree to sell you the things you need.

Recommendation five, but for individuals

Any physical person can’t become a person in one day or one month. You cannot in one day redefine things that have been imposed on you for half of your life. The process of education takes time. It takes 3-5 years of study to become an expert in a field. A technical school or university even gives diplomas on completion of a course of education. People take exams before getting such a crust. The process of awareness takes just as long. It takes about the same amount of time to understand capacity and responsibility. The following information, about the Coons of the Universe, should be a starting point. I see it that way and recommend this particular material. Because it reaches the brain of the incapacitated person well enough to begin the journey of awareness.


Alla Aleksandrovna, thank you very much for the competent presentation of the material. I would like to add the following to all individuals: There is no need to start acting on my recommendations that I have made for the individual. An individual does not have enough knowledge and strength to morally endure the situation that will be created for him. An individual will not be able to communicate intelligently and politely with a store security guard, police officer, or any official. The knowledge is not there!
I recommend that all individuals begin by studying the Codes of the Universe. The process of transition from being a physical person→human is quite painful. Especially considering that Earth’s Schumann wave frequency has doubled since 1945.
The Earth thus begins to get rid of “garbage”, through disease. Forcing all inhabitants of planet Earth (Midgard-Earth) to choose, either to get sick and die, or to become human. Choose for yourselves! I hope the essence of the facts is clear to literate people. Everyone will decide for himself whether a person is obliged to wear a mask or not!

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