For whom I am restoring the Clan and who will join it

So, for whom do we restore the Kin? The answer is very simple. For all of us, to reclaim our land. I wrote the word “earth” with a small letter for a reason. Globally and the entire planet we need to regain control of, but for now we are talking about real land to live on, build a house, raise children and run a household.кто войдет в восстановленный родкто войдет в восстановленный родкто войдет в восстановленный родAccording to the Cons, which our ancestors left us, the “Con on the Transfer of Cosmic Rights” and the “Letter of A.F. Macedonian”, all land belongs to the Russian Clans. Each Clan chooses a head, who distributes it among all members of the extended family. That is why it is said that the territory and all the gifts in it belong to the people. In other words, the land is given to the people.Сила рода Славяно-Ариев

Who enters the Clan

It’s not up to me to decide who enters the Kin and who doesn’t enter it. My main task, as the organizer of the process, is to gather around:
  • all those who have doubts but want to change their lives;
  • those who already have information and are ready to make their Volition;
  • people with the base “Cyril” in their last names.
When the time comes, everyone decides for themselves whether they want to be with their Clan or not. In the future, all like-minded people, the whole big family, at a big “family” gathering will choose the Head of the Family. That person will be our representative at the meetings of all the Slavic Clans. He will do our Volition, and not make decisions on his own. Therefore, now, regardless of whether one is ready or not to publish their Declaration of Volition on the websites, on their social network pages or not, there is no strict requirement to do so. The main thing is the desire and aspiration to join and, if possible, to help. For all supporters who register on the site, I will make separate rights and closed chat. There will be discussed only important questions, in essence. All received data is covered by a privacy policy. Be sure to study it and if you are ready to accept it, you can register. Once again, let me remind you that only those Russian people who have a surname with the base Cyril are approved. For example: Kirilov(a), Kirilchik, Kirilchuk-Welcome! That’s who we’re restoring the Kin for! For other users, associates and like-minded people, access will be denied. Comment on the posts, if you wish, speak out, but without the right to access the site. Now a little clarification on Roman Law, English Maritime Law, sovereigns, living and dead, all things considered nonsense in Natural Law. How divisive, deceptive, and misleading a human is.

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