What is a person’s legal competency and how many such people are

What is human competency and how many such people are there in our country of the USSR? Who has decided to wag their finger at the abbreviation, which 25-30 years ago introduced the whole continents in horror, do not hurry yet. Otherwise it will turn out that it was not me who is crazy.что такое дееспособность человекаCompetence is inextricably linked to responsibility. I would say that it is like Yin and Yang, Black and White. They are parts of a single whole. Anyway, in my recent study of konas, I have discovered the true interpretation of the word responsibility. I will try to do an overview of the konas. Here’s how I understand this interpretation: “Responsibility is an action or statement of action that one takes upon oneself and also performs it oneself. Those who disagree are welcome to comment. There you will present your version.

What is responsibility?

According to the Cones, a man who has not fulfilled his responsibility is charged with a debt. Let’s take a simple example from life. A woman and a man stand before the altar in church and vow to love and cherish each other to death. Another example from life. A man or woman is watching television. And there they are told a fairy tale, that the coronavirus is a very scary beast and only a mask will help not to get infected. People are obliged to isolate themselves, stay at home and do not go to work.
What’s the catch? Human beings who have violated their vows, in front of each other, not the altar, put on a mask people who do not understand the situation, begin to bear responsibilities. And no longer to themselves or their own kind, but to the companies that offered their services.
In given concrete cases, the man who has not coped with the responsibility will be obliged to execute requirements of the commercial companies of the Russian Federation and church. To all doubters that the state of the Russian Federation does not exist, in comments I can document the told. I will not now explain or interpret the meaning of what has been said. If you want to do it, do it yourself. However, I can only give for study information that is irrefutable in any legal fields. I am talking about the Cones of the Universe, and here is a link to Alla’s channel, which, in my opinion, carries the truth.

How responsibility and legal competence relate

Now let’s move directly to competence. What do you think, if a person can’t fulfill responsibility, is he or she competent? I recently published an article about the legal status of people holding an RF passport. When a person, presents an RF passport, on a case-by-case basis, a responsibility is always imposed on them. It is imposed by the guardian, on an incapacitated subject of law, who has declared himself an individual. These are subtleties of the legal relationship, but they must be understood. The entire RF system is based on English maritime law, Roman law, and offers reasonable beings an offer. Offers to which each individual has the right to consent or refuse. As a general rule, each person who consents is recognized as a non-competent subject of law. Whether or not the person acknowledges such responsibility is no longer of interest to anyone. There is always a choice: to live by the Cons or by the Law. In the second case, when the obligations begin to press too hard on the individual, and he begins to sway the rights, all the power of the legal system turns on and collapses on him. The latter, in turn, begins to whine, complain, but the result remains the same. A physical person is an incompetent person who has given up his rights and does not want to be responsible.

So how many capable persons do we have in the USSR?

The question is interesting and I cannot give an exact answer. However, how then, in such a system, can you keep your rights as much as possible? Use the passport of the Russian Federation in those cases where its use will not cause damage to your interests. For example: the purchase of a plane ticket will not cause damage. But the purchase of an apartment on the document of an incapacitated person can. If globally, subjectively evaluate, only by the right of ownership of the apartment: there are a lot of people, citizens of the Soviet Union in the legal field of the Russian Federation – incompetent. It would be incorrect to name numerical values. However it is possible to accept the fact that “more than half” of these people are like this. This is what a person’s legal competence and responsibility means.

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