Useful properties of spirulina with contraindications for women and men

Today we will talk about 5 useful properties of spirulina and contraindications for women. Spirulina is a blue-green algae rich in natural and highly nutritious biologically active substances and microelements.

5 полезных свойств спирулины и противопоказания для женщин

It has been suggested that spirulina may be the ancestor of all life on our planet, true or not, I don’t know! Most likely, I believe it, and here’s why!

My experience of cleansing the body of parasites, according to the method of Nadezhda Semenova, has completely changed my life and in many articles of my old blog I referred to this experience. Someday I will write about it here as well.
It was during the body cleanse that I learned about spirulina.

Spirulina vitamins are part of a set of natural and natural preparations used by Nadezhda Semenova in her course.

The positive result in strengthening one’s immune system is the source of this belief. In addition to the vitamins spirulina and stevia, there are many more natural, natural preparations in this complex.

I will also try to talk about them in my next articles. In this article, the reader will learn, and maybe even dispel his judgments about the possible harm of cleansing the body by this method.

Physiology and absorption of spirulina vitamins

вещества в составе спирулины

First of all, I will emphasize one very important thing, which is the assimilation of a particular substance, for a particular living species. Humans consume a variety of foods, such as:

  • milk,
  • meat,
  • cottage cheese,
  • butter,
  • cereal,
  • bread
  • and more.

Which of these foods go through a complete digestion cycle and are fully digested? I’ll tell you what I think, and you decide for yourself whether it’s true or not.

Every living thing is adapted to the food that its physiology is closer to. For example, in nature, there are many herbivores as well as carnivores. Many animals and mammals eat grass and do not lack vitamins and micronutrients.

Take, for example, the elephant: how is it that by eating only grass, this animal has put on a huge weight and has such strong bones? Don’t you think about it?

The physiology and environment of this animal gives it all the necessary substances: protein, carbohydrate, fat for the structure of the body. Judge for yourself, milk, meat and grass contain all the necessary substances, but they are assimilated differently in different forms of life.

To which form does man belong, herbivorous or carnivorous? Practical experience in nutrition has enabled me to have my viewpoint backed up by results. It is based on the conviction that for my disease-free life, non-animal foods are closer.

That is why I don’t eat much meat, mostly chicken, and gave up dairy, even 17 years ago. Spirulina algae contains as much protein, carbohydrates and fats as humans need. Spirulina vitamins, proteins and amino acids are absorbed faster and more efficiently than meat or milk.

5 useful properties of spirulina

свойства спирулины

Spirulina has the qualities of an immune stimulant that makes the human body effectively resist all viral and bacterial diseases. The algae helps the pancreas to work quickly to regenerate itself.

In tests with diabetic patients, spirulina lowered blood sugar levels in all subjects. This property can now be used to reduce the dose of insulin in patients and replace it with this product.
In addition, this algae effectively removes toxins and radionuclides from the body. This is especially true for:

  • population of large cities,
  • environmentally disadvantaged areas,
  • employees of chemical plants,
  • employees of power plants
  • miners
  • Other harmful industries.

Spirulina contains 3-4 times more amino acids compared to other foods, and in fact the whole algae is protein, almost 2/3. 95% of these proteins are absorbed by the body almost a hundred percent. Very high bioavailability! It also combines the following vital trace elements in abundance:

  • Gammalon,
  • oleic acid,
  • polysaccharides,
  • vitamin b12,
  • chlorophyll

Comparative characteristics with similar products

полезные свойства спирулины

Spirulina contains complex iron, and there is more of it than in similar healthy foods. The absorption of complex iron improves the metabolism. For example, it is 57 times more than in spinach and 29 times more than in raw beef liver.

Pretty impressive, because now you don’t have to eat meat at all! Another thing worth mentioning is the unique property of beta-carotene, which is part of spirulina.

Beta-carotene regulates the interaction of body cells with each other. It opens up the membrane binding channels of cancer and pre-cancer cells. The latter receive signals to suspend or stop dividing.

This is why foods rich in beta-carotene can not only have a slowing anti-cancer effect, but also block the development of cancer cells.

Spirulina is the richest source of natural antioxidants. The algae contains almost all known antioxidants such as zinc, magnesium, selenium and copper.

This microalgae is the only green, natural product rich in fatty gamma linolenic acid. Spirulina contains more of this acid than any other food source.

Hama linolenic acid lowers blood cholesterol levels and regulates blood pressure. In addition, through the consumption of spirulina occurs:

  • relief of premenstrual pain,
  • eczema relief,
  • and other skin diseases.

It is safe to say that the product will become popular among women. Also, this acid makes a person’s skin and hair shiny! In general, if we summarize, we will see the following 5 useful properties of spirulina for women and men:

  1. Almost 100% assimilates the proteins and amino acids in it.
  2. Removes toxins and harmful deposits from the body.
  3. Blocks the development of cancer cells.
  4. Lowers cholesterol and normalizes blood pressure.
  5. No contraindications revealed, at least for most people.

There are no contraindications, at least for most people.

Spirulina in the history of different peoples

племя каненбоу лепешки из спирулина

The Belgian botanist J. Leonard, traveling through the African forests in 1964, came across the Kanenbow tribe, near Lake Chad. The people of this tribe lived to a ripe old age. And yet the average life expectancy in Africa is 35 years.

The amazing fact was that the tribe did not get sick at all, the elders had thick black hair and well-preserved teeth. The botanist found out that the main food for Africans was green tortillas, a complete substitute for bread. And they were made from spirulina algae.

Life in Africa is hard and the diet is protein-free, and many Africans suffer from a lack of protein. As a consequence, diseases arise, life span is shortened and people die.

The strong and hot sun contributes to aging, but the Kanenbow tribe stands out brightly from all the inhabitants, and have no protein starvation. All the protein they need is found in spirulina.

Why does spirulina grow in Lake Chad and not in others? It turns out that spirulina grows very well in an alkaline environment with a low pH, where the redox potential is low.

In general, the spirulina algae having these environmental conditions completely overwhelms the other plants, and the tribe collects spirulina for their tortillas year-round. Amazing, isn’t it? Even though farming is not even remotely possible in Africa, it is not developed there at all!

Surulin Vitamins and Trace Minerals

First, take a look at the composition of amino acids, in a comparison table between spirulina and other foods:

аминокислота в спирулине

All of these amino acids are present in protein and are essential. At the beginning of the article I mentioned my body cleanse, but I did not say the following. When the cleanse begins, the entire protein table is completely eliminated.

My diet included only grains, vegetables, greens and fruit. When you tell someone about such a procedure, the person has 2 questions: about the washout of intestinal microflora and the lack of protein, when giving up meat.

I am not going to write anything about microflora yet, and the lack of protein does not affect the body at all, as many people think. It is because of taking spirulina vitamins, before each meal, the protein is replenished.

Spirulina vitamins replenish the entire complex of amino acids in the body. People, for the most part, cannot believe that such a huge and sufficient complex of proteins and amino acids is contained in spirulina. As one of the reasons for blogging is to bring people accurate and truthful information. Next.

A comparative table of protein content in foods

содержание белка в спирулине

What do you think of the numbers? I think that after reading this article, many people will think, is it worth buying meat in the store at all? Given the quality and the ever increasing cost, I offer you another alternative, much cheaper and much more useful.

Another very important point to be emphasized, regarding synthetic vitamins and natural vitamins. They are similar in their chemical formula, but here’s the thing: synthetic vitamins do not improve the condition of the body, but rather worsen it.

Any synthesized vitamin is not effective, and consuming such vitamins is just a waste of time and money. Such products of the pharmaceutical industry can be safely attributed to the anti-natural, not assimilated.

Let me explain on the fingers: man is a living being, the plant is also a living thing. When a person eats a plant, then the physiological factors satisfy the existence of a normal human being.

Synthetic vitamins are a product of the chemical industry, just like pizza, fast food, Coca-Cola. Eating them, one actually eats dead, useless food, lacking nutrients, involving internal reserves of the body and … aging!

What are the dangers of milk?

Is the intake of such products contrary to human physiology – unequivocally, yes. So there is nothing useful in it. Just common sense and logic. Oh yes, I’ll digress from the topic a little bit so that you can watch a video about what happens when you add milk to Coca-Cola:

What do you think? By the way, you can also find a video on youtube and find out how Coca-Cola corrodes rust. And now imagine that this is about the same way vitamins are synthesized. I’m exaggerating, of course, but the point doesn’t change.

I will also tell you about a very interesting fact. Moscow leads in rickets among small children due to lack of vitamin D from:

  • low exposure to sunlight
  • abuse of cold medications
  • lack of intake from food.

Vitamin D is bought in pharmacies, is not natural and does not help fill the gap. It has no effect. Spirulina vitamins, on the other hand, contains a tremendous amount of micronutrients.

It helps make up for vitamin D deficiency, improve metabolism, especially in a growing body. I will not give in the article the entire list of vitamins that spirulina contains, I think that written enough as it is.

Where to buy spirulina vitamins?

I personally encountered spirulina vitamins in 2 forms: pressed tablets of natural, ground algae and in the form of powder. Contraindications, personally on my body, I have not observed. Before the body cleansing I suffered from chronic, seasonal allergies.

At the end of July and the beginning of August I had chronic rhinitis, sore throat, sneezing, ocular corneal mucus, in general, the whole “bouquet”. During the cleanse, while taking spirulina vitamins the allergic effects were much lessened, even breathing was easier. I took these pills:

спирулина в таблетках

Many bloggers write about the effect of weight loss. Losing weight is a panacea for every woman, but personally I can not confirm it. After cleansing, I took spirulina as a dietary supplement and did not lose a gram of weight.

If you have such your own experience of observation, not hearsay, comment below, I would love to learn something new. And so, where to buy spirulina vitamins: exactly the kind of pressed algae tablets you saw in the picture, you can directly through the order form I’ll post later.

It turns out that there is also spirulina algae preserved with fruit syrup. Such substance is prescribed even to pregnant and nursing mothers.

Well, that’s basically all for today about 5 useful properties of spirulina and contraindications for women. All that I wanted to tell you, about spirulina vitamins, laid out. I hope the article was useful to you, and if you want to receive them in your mail, subscribe to the blog updates via the subscription form, below.

P.S. A video about all the health benefits of spirulina:

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