Whether the USSR is alive or dead at present. Screw opinions, take only the facts

Does the USSR legally exist at present or doesn’t? They say “brevity is the sister of talent,” but there is no such thing as brevity. You have to provide such facts that will make you doubt. In what? The fact that the State of the Russian Federation does not exist.

Mention of the USSR in legal documents.

The first argument and a firm, irrefutable fact will be Order 249. I have already mentioned this document in an article about group behavior. However, it is not unreasonable to lay it out again and carefully read paragraph 13.2:249 приказ МВД
Police officers of the Russian Federation shall not be allowed:
13.2 Check compliance with the requirements established by normative legal acts of the executive authorities of the USSR and RSFSR, as well as compliance with the requirements of normative documents, the mandatory application of which is not provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation.
The order was created on April 24, 2018. Why write such amendments to the order when the country of the USSR and the republic of the RSFSR no longer exists? Doesn’t it make anyone wonder, why write such a thing at all?

Was there a possibility of preserving the USSR?

If we speak briefly and consider only the facts, the USSR and the RSFSR legally exist. However, ignorance and ignorance of most people leads this majority to believe not the facts, but the media. What arguments are we talking about? First of all it is the UN Charter. The full text is available at this link. As of today nobody changed the UN Charter and there are no annexes to the Charter about the legal succession from the State of the USSR to the State of the Russian Federation. Nor is there any other mention in international documents that the Russian Federation is a country. Here are the main articles of the Charter, which are currently legally binding:состав стран совета безопасности оонратификация устава оон

At this point, the data from the USGS

Moving on. Does everyone know about the Gosuslugi portal? The correct name is: the Unified Portal of Government Services (USGS). Are there any “citizens of the Russian Federation” who think this portal is illegal and does not belong to the state unified system of identification and authentication? Write in the comments if you have specific articles of law confirming the illegality of the URSU. I’d be interested in . Here’s the personal data I manage, as of today:гражданство персоны сссрHow is it possible that in the personal account of the portal Gosuslugi there is an option to choose USSR citizenship? Why did the state authorities of the Russian Federation give such an option? Why do you take the word of all those who do not confirm their opinions with facts? Isn’t it time to look at yourself from the outside and think about what is happening in real life? There is no getting away from all the facts that confirm the existence of the USSR. So far, who still has a grain of common sense and faith in his eyes, start thinking. And it’s better that it be your head, not the propaganda of the media. By the way, who wants to know where the “legs” that allowed the collapse of the USSR in the minds of people came from? Believe me, you will be interested.

Allen Dulles’ plan for the collapse of the USSR

I doubt that most people even know who Alain Dulles was. Here is the so-called “case” of Allen Dulles, the former director of the U.S. CIA:Ален Даллес директор ЦРУWhat inhuman plan did the CIA create while Dulles was in office? There are a lot of pictures and quotes on the web about “Allen Dulles’ Plan for the Collapse of the USSR”. However, few people know that this “people’s name” is based on a real document. It is impossible to get confirmation of speculation or rumors during a period of time. However, when this time interval passes, declassification takes place. For our intelligence services and for the American ones these periods last more than a dozen years. I cannot tell you the exact number, but according to some rumors it reaches 50 years. In general, the Allen Dulles Plan was based on the National Security Council Directive 20/1 of August 18, 1948. Here are actual copies of this document:Директива Совета Национальной Безопасности США 20/1 от 18 августа 1948 года
This document has a total of 30 pages. I have posted only 10, in a simplified version. If you are interested in the full document, you can download it here. Let’s get back to the point. On all legal grounds, referring to a copy of the directive of the U.S. NSC, this is what the Allen Dulles Plan for the collapse of the USSR is all about:План Даллеса по развалу СССРYou can believe or not believe in all kinds of conspiracy theories, but you should believe your own eyes. Go outside, go to the store, go to the bank, and then look from the outside at the system in which you live. Don’t you see any coincidences? Isn’t it currently as it was written back in 1948?

Is there any possibility of restoring the USSR?

If you follow all of the above facts, it turns out that the USSR does legally exist at present. However, in the heads of most people who are in a morass, and drugged by the media, the USSR does not exist. Real is what you believe! The situation is so fantastic that it defies any prediction for the near future. However, to finish you with facts I am going to show you a video of our fellow Krasnoyarsk inhabitants. In general: an airport, a woman with a USSR passport goes through the control and…freely flies away.
Finally, a personal question for each reader: Does the USSR legally exist at this time or not? Write your “opinions” in the comments. I will publish the adequate ones. I also recommend a lot of useful information on the Mystery Lawyer Telegram Channel. All in all, that’s all for now! Think with your head and consider the facts! Good luck to you all!

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