Weaknesses in the current psychology of the relationship between a man and a woman

Today we are going to talk about the 4 weaknesses of the psychology of the relationship between a man and a woman. I will form a different understanding to the current system, through showing the visual and destructive foundations operating in today’s herd of people.

4 слабости психологии отношений между мужчиной и женщиной

First of all, it is necessary to define a clear image of love. After all, love in a family tends to change its qualities. This is because the older the family gets, the more new qualities the state of love paints on people. With it come:

  • evenness,
  • understanding,
  • acceptance,
  • respect,
  • agreement,
  • support.

Divide and conquer – weakness 1

At a certain point, one realizes that she is he, and now there is one. However, it is not a question of some ideal or idol to be worshipped.

Because with all these wonderful formations, everyone remains an independent individual. An individual, with its flaws, its imperfections, which still somehow show up and come out of you.

ballance of the development

Because you came here to learn, and that is how you develop. And the family is like a family nest, the main teacher of the best that a person has to form in himself.

Sometimes inside everyone has the question, “How do you determine if feelings and love are real or not?” I can say for sure about myself that I am not a special heartbreaker or connoisseur of women’s hearts.

However, I do know that true love can be felt and understood immediately. The heart prompts and something happens there right away. And if there is no vibration, prick or faltering in the heart, it means that either infatuation or passion, or temporary infatuation has taken place.

Besides love, there are also karmic lessons that everyone needs to learn about the definition of love. For very often we do not accept, as halves of the same whole, each other.

A man’s strength is in the love and support of a woman

Today, to give you an example, there is such a very unpleasant phenomenon when: either men or women hate each other. Just a “rake for fools” of universal proportions, attracting their fans from generation to generation.

For example: first the grandmother and then her daughter, who became a mother, hated men and drove them to spiritual desolation, subjugating them to their whims.

сила мужчины в любви женщины

In this way, the men became the whippersnappers and lived all the time under the skirt. They fulfilled all requests and orders while harboring a quiet hatred for the woman.

In general, there are now a lot of men who live in such “unions”, or should I say marriages, and die very quickly. Strangely enough, the man needs the love of the woman more than the woman herself, because she has children.

She makes up for this flow of love through her children, while the man is left without this nourishing environment: support and love. When a woman loses her love for her husband, then she transfers all her love to her children, or vice versa.

Women in our present herd, I cannot call society otherwise, occupy a privileged position. Look for yourself, in any field of activity, you will see that there is a woman everywhere.

The middle levels of management: directors, administrators, managers. In kindergartens, in schools, teachers, researchers, women are everywhere. Men, as a rule, are in a more difficult position today, because the time of physical labor is over.

And men are so designed that all actions are meant to be done through brute physical force. He has, as they say today, a less latent, agile nervous and mental system.

This is why he is psychologically weaker than a woman; he needs support, love, inspiration. A man feeds on the inspiration of his woman, and if she does not inspire him, then he begins to shrink. Becomes more and more dissatisfied with himself as a man.

Forgotten Past – Weakness 2

топ-5 методик восстановить силы рода

In the last article, about restoring the power of Kin, I mentioned the masculine and feminine. However, it did not reveal the image and definition of such a concept. Here I will do it.

Masculine and feminine beginnings were inherent in all Russ, Russians and who lived on our Earth called Holy Russia. To understand the beginnings or in general, what is the soul, it is necessary to consider what our ancestors understood in the past, under the definitions: soul, love, spirit.

The soul is the highest instance, which is defined with the spirit, so that we can pass the lessons of the earthly world: three-dimensional, four-dimensional, and now we will move to the 5-dimensional level of development. The soul is not male or female.

The soul shifts from all the beginnings that exist. Initially, the soul needs to go through bodily lessons, as some individual in light form, to move into a higher order dimension of perception.

To move into intergalactic, galactic, or planetary dimensions, beings of light must undergo lessons on the earth plane in the three-dimensional world.

In this unprecedented density, in the created experiment of the Creator, which was launched a long time ago and undergoes similar tests. Most likely this experience is hundreds of thousands of years old.

The truth always sounds retarded!

правда о прошлом Русов

It takes place in thousands of galaxies, on many planets, levels of perception, in many spaces, and in all times. All of us are present, with you here, in what is known as our senior year at the university.

Or maybe even in the preparatory group of kindergarten, not the point! We are all part of the same whole, spirit, but in bodily incarnations of men and women. Many times we go through the same lessons, but in different incarnations, at different stages and levels.

And it is clear that when we embodied this time, then every soul for itself decided for itself in what variant it is more profitable and effective to embodied in order to be able to maximally benefit from this period of time during the stay on the Earth.

To pass this interval of time as effectively as possible, to learn all the past lessons and to complete everything that was not learned in the previous incarnations. And that’s why every soul came to this world, having chosen either the masculine or the feminine.

In this case, depending on what the soul has chosen naturally and in view of the tasks facing it, it settles in the body of either a man or a woman.

Man is “husband” and “rank” and above all is spirit holy, light, wisdom, love, masculinity and strength. Strength, which in previous ethers, is exactly what gave man his softness. With its help a man is essentially able to resolve a great many issues.

Take strength for weakness. Weakness 3

First of all problematic situations in the family and in their immediate surroundings. A man resolves them gently, without pain, suffering, without using this strength that he possesses.

не принимай силу за слабость

And this is very important to realize, because for a long time on planet Earth the energy of masculinity was not present! More accurately, the energy of masculinity was absent, and we went through an understanding of power through cruelty.

It was a struggle. A state in which we struggled and proved our worth in different places and on millions of different planets. Masculinity is a very multi-faceted, multi-dimensional understanding that is essentially lost on Earth.

In the question of what masculinity is, the true understanding of the word and its meaning is lost. What is commonly understood by masculinity is actually understood as self-sacrifice. It is a sacrifice, both literally and figuratively.

Think for example of all the slogans of at least World War I or World War II: “For Motherland!”, “For Tsar and Fatherland!” or “For Stalin!” With this sacrifice we beat the enemy, proclaiming and exalting life, not death.

Thus we continue to remain in this misunderstanding and cruelty! And in essence the energy of manhood is, first of all, the energy of love! In the state of self-love, a man, no matter man or woman, is in the state of harmony of soul and mind.

In such a state – the objectivity of perception, a man calmly accepts all the challenges that come to him in life, for the assimilation of those or their lessons.

So manhood is a calm acceptance of all that life gives you, a calm presence in all things. A wise focus on all the matters that have to be dealt with at a given moment in time.

That being said, the energy is everywhere initially present! However, we have been shut out of it and taught to imply various other variations. Thus was created a dissonance of perception of what is real and what was invented intentionally.

We’re not all stupid kids here, but…

Even Mayakovsky wrote about this kind of perception in his works. Where we were going to go ahead, breaking through the space, not feeling and as a rule we fought with it, struggled.

For example, what I remember from his “masterpieces”: “I pull out of my wide pants and … all shout indignantly: Citizen!”

липовый паспорт гражданина РФ

However, when a man stands up to his full height, feeling and developing the energy of masculinity, everyone crouches down for some reason. Because then, when we stand up, everyone suddenly begins to see this masculinity. This power and energy, which starts to open up in us.

Everyone, who has such energy, has always been afraid of this, and they are still afraid of it. And that’s why they try to close this state by any means, any substitute! Masculinity does not live by itself, even though it is the energy of manhood.

Masculinity lives when the energy of feminity, of femininity, develops alongside with it. And that soul, which chose the energy of feminity, gets its additional advantages. Because other energies are concentrated in it, in particular:

  • perfection,
  • love,
  • softness,
  • tenderness,
  • carefree,
  • openness,
  • affection,
  • abundance.

All these feminine energies go as a kind of bonus to the feminine essence. And when a woman is in a state of femininity, she simply walks with her soft and easy beautiful gait.

When she has straightened breasts and shoulders, raised head you look with admiration at this beauty, at this divine state! Seeing such a thing, a man immediately has the first desire to protect such femininity.

Not from people, but so that no one can harm her. That’s how the masculine principle works. Because when a man sees such a woman, in whom this femininity is revealed, his wings open and his soul sings.

The strength comes and he is ready to protect this beauty with all his strength and means. And this is the most important and the main thing for what, practically souls came here, to this world! To know oneself through the discovery of masculinity in men, and in women – in femininity, and to combine this in pairs.

The feminine in a man

женское начало в мужчине

After all, in fact, we don’t know it 100% for sure. Everything is revealed at the level of feelings and the feeling of energies. The energy of masculinity came to the Earth and everyone began to feel that the spirit is awakening in men.

But in men, besides masculinity, there is also femininity. Because there’s a femininity in him. And so these two beginnings in each of us must be balanced.

In a state of balance, we accept ourselves and love ourselves, because only by loving ourselves can you accept yourself. Then it doesn’t matter who you are or what social strata you belong to. You just are light, love and beauty. And you live enjoying yourself!

However, when we come into this three-dimensional world, we are closed. All this knowledge we have is closed. Sealed are the divine possibilities that were originally given to us by the Creator.

And it was done so that we could pass this multidimensional, multilayered, multilevel test on different planets, incarnations and in different states.

To get this multifaceted experience of all our incarnations in order to go from Gods to the very bottom of darkness, or to say correctly, to the other side of the light. To know all that this downside is, and then remembering ourselves.

Weakness 4 – You call yourself a rider, you get in the box

When a boy is born and comes into this world, he learns this world through his father. However, at first, he is with his mother until a certain time. And he takes from his mother the nourishment that she gives him with her breast. The care that his mother shows him.

But there is always the father, who brings his energies: care, attention, affection and love, if he has them open. However, if mom and dad have these energies closed, in these incarnations, it is usually most difficult for the child.

борьба в отношениях между мужчиной и женщиной

Because there is a struggle for survival, for leadership and dominance between mom and dad. The fight over who will be in charge in this family, who will make the final decision, that’s the majority of families where children are now being raised.

Less and less often there are situations where the man fulfills his masculine role, takes responsibility and is in charge. Almost the majority of families now have a woman in charge. Why?

First, because it so happened in our incarnations and in all the variety of experiences we’ve been through, women have very often had to be left alone.

A man was usually killed in war and in past millennia this was very common. And every time, in all incarnations, or most incarnations, very many women practically carried on their own:

  • The home,
  • the family,
  • the household,
  • work,
  • and everything to do with everyday life.

Don’t pull the blanket over yourself…

They were used to surviving in this way, taking on all the burdens, the burden of this existence, so that the children would survive, so that the lineage would continue and life would go on.

And as a rule, in many cities there were substitutions. When a woman, in order to stand and endure, decided that it would be easier for her if she would take on a man’s energy, “put on a man’s suit”, but in a woman’s body she would do this hard work.

женщина в теле мужчины

And you know, that was exactly the mistake, or rather the experience that we went through many times. If a woman retains her softness and tenderness, this flexibility and strength of her feminine beauty, then the whole universe helps her.

The whole world helps the couple and they are drawn to this woman! There were such cases in the past, when such women were first accused of witchcraft and all the terrible sins. This usually happened in Europe.

Some of the women, in order to survive, surrendered and put on a man’s suit. Women took on male energies and became either a man or a woman, proving to the world that I can!

And some, on the contrary, were saying that here I am and I cannot change my essence, and I would rather die than become different! And in order to preserve their feminine essence, their femininity, they left this life!


Now all women go through these experiences and lessons of their past incarnations. I don’t know and I can’t tell you exactly how many of those women are trying to remember themselves to become feminine again!

How many want to regain themselves: softness, tenderness, lightness and grace, this spontaneity and openness to the world. When the soul is open and not afraid of the challenges of this world. It simply accepts all challenges, because it cannot do otherwise.

The state of the Goddess, without which a woman is not a woman, is when you come into this world, first of all, to accept it through the eyes of a mother.
The girl accepts her mother’s behavior as true, because for her mother as well as her father are Gods!

Her soul knows this, and the girl repeats all of her mother’s precepts with precision and nuance. How the mother perceives this world, how the mother perceives masculinity, treats everything and acts in different cases.

As children grow up, find themselves or start a family, they tend to be dominated by the energies that were instilled by their parents. Any domination of the mother results in ignoring the father’s masculinity, which skews the very essence of the universe of the coexistence of a man and a woman.

I hope I have made my point, about the 4 weaknesses of the psychology of the relationship between a man and a woman. The main thing is that the reflections above are understood correctly. There are no claims, to women or men! There are only those lessons that we go through, over and over again.

We only need to assimilate them and move to a higher level of understanding, not to trample on place from century to century!

P.S. For a better understanding of one’s masculinity or femininity, a study of the Cone of the Universe is very helpful. Here is one such video:

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