Step one: Search for geographical locations by last name

Purpose of search: to find geographical entities by the surname Kirillov. My first step in finding information about my parents and my family remains to this day a collection of villages, towns, cities, townships, rivers and islands. I have collected some of the information that have my surname in their names.поиск географических объектов по фамилииUsed a map of only the territory of the USSR. Did not do research in the western part of the Northern Hemisphere. Meaning all of Europe, the United States and Canada. Recorded coordinates and marked all these places on the map of the northern part of the Earth. The city of Kirillov in the Vologda region. Coordinates: 59.859059, 38.374933. Kirillov River was found in several places in our country of the USSR:
  • Krasnoyarsk Region: 56.733378, 92.642519;
  • Krasnoturansky District, Krasnoyarsk Territory: 54.098563, 91.632300;
  • Taseevsky district, Krasnoyarsk territory: 57.644159, 94.688333;
  • Lazovsky District, Primorsky Krai, Russia: 42.899935, 133.439301;
  • Kazachinsko-Lensky District, Irkutsk Region: 56.805663, 108.202462;
  • Pribaikalsky District, Republic of Buryatia: 52.273626, 108.223986;
  • Terneisky district, Primorsky Krai: 45.876024, 137.534352;
  • Charyshsky District, Altai Territory: 51.402485, 84.117677
  • Baikalovsky district, Sverdlovsk region: 57.468008, 63.456273.
There are also several islands with the name of Kirillov:
  • Kondinsky District, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area: 60.132881, 68.917168;
  • Kirinsk district, Irkutsk region: 57.339019, 107.956962;
  • Lovozero Rural Settlement, Lovozero District, Murmansk Region: 67.876937, 35.173050;
I even found a forest named Kirillov:
  • Lovozero Rural Settlement, Lovozero District, Murmansk Region: 67.878250, 35.168810
I have found the main geographic locations for the surname, but they will be supplemented over time. The next step, should go to the name of the tribe from which came my Kin. This name is sought by systematizing all information, by moving ancestors in the found geographical objects. Before moving on to this step, it is necessary to collect all information on the found objects: the history of origin, heraldry, legends, myths. In general, all references to the names of rulers, significant events, dates of coat of arms changes and other available data.

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