How to identify a human being in the legal field. RF or Natural Justice?

“Whatever you call a barge, that’s how it sails!” That’s the way it is, and no other way. How then do you identify a person in the legal field? Has anyone ever thought of such a question, or have you received a passport and think you have unlimited rights? Do you think that someone has to respect them?To dispel the myth, to shake the brains of our grandparents’ generation, listen to what Gref tells you about self-identification:
Gref mocks merrily, hoping that his words filled with clever terms cannot be deciphered. Or maybe he deliberately disclosed the meaning of all the actions of the upper echelon of power. That is not the issue we will deal with now.

The offer agreement with the Russian Federation

What kind of offer is hidden behind the passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation? That’s what I’m about to tell you, with pictures. This contract, with a commercial company of the Russian Federation is called the Law on the Passport of the Citizen of the Russian Federation. The procedure for issuing it is fully regulated by this normative act:
“Order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia from 13.11.2017 N 851 “On approval of the Administrative regulations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation to provide the state service for the issuance, replacement of passports of the citizen of the Russian Federation”.
We find in this “quasi”-legal document, line 93 and we see the following:пункт оферты РФ о недееспособностиNow the 1-P application form, already prepared for all your data. Here it is:форма на выдачу паспорта 1-П
When you fill out this form, an employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs or the MFC may ask you to fill out item 18. These officers have no right to force you to sign it compulsorily. However, they strongly recommend it. Now remember, when you were filling out this form, did you even think what kind of document you were signing? If the person insisted and refused, the officers would invite 2 witnesses and draw up an act of your refusal to sign the document imposed. Why is this so? Because my colleague in Irkutsk told me personally. About how the head of MIA, where he applied for replacement of passport, which does not meet the requirements of GOST, acted. About GOST in general is a separate topic. He crossed out point 18 on the form 1-P with his own hand, which caused all the fuss. How they zazdelis when he brought them all the regulatory framework that I posted above. They even begged him, otherwise the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs will be in trouble. Can you imagine? They begged him to sign.

Now about the essence of using the passport.

By obtaining such a document, you agree that when you present it, a trusted person makes the decision for you. For example, in the case when a person comes to the polling station, and enters the data of his passport in the registration book to get a ballot. By his signature, he certifies that he ceases to be a person in the field of Natural Justice. This automatically includes the provision that the person who comes to the “polling station” recognizes himself not as a person, but as an incapacitated person, in relation to whom the RF commercial company that is his guardian will make decisions on his own.
It will not be obligated to notify you and provide you with reliable information, because you are not capable of thinking and reasoning as a human being, and you yourself have signed off on that. After all, you are no longer a human being, but a PHYSICAL PERSON!
And a HUMAN has an entirely different jurisdiction. A HUMAN has no duties, he has rights and depending on how a human being identifies himself, the appropriate jurisdiction is applied to him. For the disenfranchised PEOPLE who go and cast their VOTE, the laws of the RF apply. Who does not vote, the RF laws do not apply to him. That is how people get into a situation from which it is virtually impossible to get out. Life shows that whoever is willing learns how to identify a person in the legal field, and gets out. Those who don’t want to, look for reasons and excuses. Or simply with a broken mind and lives out the rest of his life. The choice is everyone’s! In conclusion, Mary Kamensky’s video, about how the first Con of the Universe is interpreted. I suggest exploring it. Where it is, how it is used, and for what purpose:

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